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We care about the environment

All components used in the production of our furniture have the appropriate certificates in accordance with the European Union directives. Care for the natural environment is our duty to future generations and a responsible choice of which we are proud.

As a responsible Supplier, we are dedicated to full compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and environmental standards. We have established a robust system for identifying and addressing potential environmental hazards effectively.

At the heart of our commitment to sustainable furniture design is the meticulous selection of materials. Our exclusive use of materials from sustainable sources underscores our dedication to this cause. We prioritize renewable and non-toxic materials, including natural wood and recycled resources, in crafting our furniture. Our unwavering commitment is to shun materials that pose harm to the environment, and those that lack recyclability, repairability, or remanufacturing potential, such as materials containing plastics or toxic chemicals.

Our manufacturing processes are thoughtfully tailored to curtail their environmental impact, exemplified by our comprehensive waste recycling initiatives and judicious energy consumption practices. A cardinal principle guiding us is the creation and production of functional furniture. Our portfolio comprises versatile, timeless designs that pledge to remain relevant for numerous years to come. Bolstered by our extensive experience, we pride ourselves on crafting furniture that is inherently easy to repair. This attribute significantly prolongs the lifespan of our products, contributing to their rarity in disposal.

We care about the environment

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